Dare to Take control of your money &

live the life you deserve.

We activate your personal power shift by reshaping your mindset around managing your money.

Transform Your Relationship with Money: 5 Mindset Shifts You Need to Make Now!

Build Confidence, Take Control, and Transform Your Mindset

Shift Your Team’s Relationship with Money

What if you could reach your goals and live in alignment with who you truly are?

Here’s a secret: You can.

Have you been:

  • Overwhelmed with cycles of credit card debt
  • Frustrated with missing your goals
  • Discouraged to fight for your desired lifestyle
  • Burnt out from trying to follow budgets but never seeing results
  • Ashamed for struggling with something you used to be really good at
  • Embarrassed because you feel you should be able to do more and have more

If you answered yes to some or all of these, then you’re in the right place. But, it doesn’t have to be like this.

The truth is…

Your thoughts and habits are holding you back living a lifestyle you’ve worked so hard in your career to earn.

It isn’t about your salary.

We know you’re making your coins! But, this is about why you face the struggle to do what you really want despite being well-paid.

Imagine if you could

Replace your negative thoughts and habits with positive ones which will enhance your lifestyle enabling you to:

  • Travel frequently
  • Rapidly build wealth
  • Give generously to loved ones

All while simultaneously showing up as your most authentic self.

We are a

Monetary beliefs

We empower career women to reach their goals by helping them understand how to work with their money and make it work for them, while giving them the freedom to make choices based on what they want and who they truly are.

What we do


Story + Belief Shifting

Understand what’s really underneath your struggle to manage your money.

Strategy + Planning

Establish structure within your money.


Goal Development + Execution

Explore your values and get help bringing your dreams to life.


Wealth Defining

Gain clarity defining what wealth looks like to you.

Self-image defining

Gain clarity on self-image and build in alignment with who you truly are.


Credit Amplification

Get help leveraging credit to achieve wealth goals and financial flexibility.

Why we are different

DAC&CO combines money mindset and money management to help accomplished women reach goals and reshape the stories they’re telling themselves about who they are and what they truly want.

brands we’ve worked with


“Déja, the senior facilitator, was a joy to learn from during a workshop she facilitated for my organization on personal finance pitfalls that hold people back from achieving their goals. She combined engaging storytelling, prompts to keep attendees engaged, and action items so that everyone left with something to work on. It is a breath of fresh air when a presenter doesn’t just talk at the group (which is especially difficult when you are doing this virtually). I will absolutely be inviting her back for additional programs and look forward to working with her in other capacities.”

Shannon Greenwood Siriano

Founder + CEO, Rebelle

“What stood out most about working with DAC&CO is the openness and desire to empower me to make my own choices based on what I want to spend my money on. Other people may have told me that I shouldn’t spend my money on certain things but they made it work into my money plan based on my desires and goals. Their biggest strength is the ability and desire to help others reach success!”

Client identity undisclosed

“Working with DAC&CO has made a huge difference in my life. It’s made me work toward being more honest and transparent with myself and others. They are really getting to the root of my spending habits versus giving a quick fix but for someone like me, that’s actually frustrating. But, when I take a step back, it’s exactly what I need.”

Client identity undisclosed