About US

Our Philosophy

Accomplished women generally want to live a full and happy life without focusing on material things, but often feel pressure to make and spend money because of deeply rooted beliefs. But, these women don’t have to be anyone different than who they are. DAC&CO helps accomplished women change their habits and thoughts so they can be empowered to live in their truth, feel fulfilled, and be happy with their progress.


The stories the world tells us from an early age inform the stories we tell ourselves. Many people don’t realize just how much these stories shape the choices we make in life around goals and money.

So many of us get so used to the world telling us what we need to be that when we become adults, we often make money choices that help us build the image others have created for us.

DAC&CO was founded by Déja Coley who’s personal mission is to inspire others to be happily authentic. As a teen, Déja struggled with her own low self-esteem and attached much of her self-worth in what she had and what she could do for others.

After years of advocacy work in the self-esteem arena, Déja became curious about how self-esteem challenges showed up for adults. The answer: money management.

Déja thought, “What if I could use the same passion for empowerment and my financial knowledge to help adults shift their money stories and beliefs, show them how to reach their financial goals, and empower them to dream bigger for themselves to get what they want?” So that’s what she did.

Today, as a Monetary Beliefs Consultant, Déja helps motivated people shed the shame and struggle, step into their own power, and shift their inner stories.