It’s time you know the real reason budgeting isn’t working.

Can you relate to feeling:

  • Broken and confused on how to get out of this negative space
  • Exhausted from the cycle of failing
  • Frustrated with being unable to stick to your budget
  • Discouraged about being in the same place despite putting forth the effort to make progress
  • Ashamed because you think it shouldn’t be this hard

If you answered yes to some or all of these, then you’re in the right place. But, you’re not out of options.


Neglecting the way you think about yourself and money is preventing you from making progress toward your goals.

Picture yourself being able to…

  • Gradually control your impulses
  • Clearly understand what motivates you to overspend
  • Confidently spend without sacrificing your goals


    MONEY Mindset transformation

    For overspenders seeking to shift their money mindset.


    • One private 90-minute session
    • Complimentary Accountability Call
      • A free 30-minute session to follow-up on your progress.
    • Mindset Evaluation
      • A detailed outline of your existing money mindset.
    • Money Mindset Roadmap
      • A visual blueprint outlining your journey to shifting your money mindset.
    • Transformation Guide
      • A custom actionable plan defining the essential efforts to shift your mindset. 
    • Limiting Beliefs Catalog
      • An organized list of limiting beliefs


    The investment for the Money Mindset Transformation is $997.

    From Our Clients

    Here are some overspenders who are experiencing progress after participating in our Money Mindset Transformation.

    “At a point, I was in a place where didn’t know how to get out and I lacked the confidence to get out of it. This is the first year that I have not been dependent on credit cards!”

    “I don’t have to use my credit card to supplement living beyond my means.”

    “I’ve been able to truly understand why I am having these issues and it’s because I’ve viewed money as something really surface level. Having done that multiple times, I realized it wasn’t fixing the problem! Sitting in it allowed me to see why I do certain things and now I have more confidence in my abilities.”

    Is this for you?

    This is for you

    • You wholeheartedly want to know what thoughts are holding you back from achieving your goals.
    • You are prepared to implement what you learn.
    • You seek to gain more self-awareness.
    • You expect that progress will occur over time.

    This is not for you if

    • You are looking for an overnight solution.
    • You are resistant to new methods and strategies.
    • You are not looking to gain consciousness of your thoughts and beliefs.
    • You are seeking to heal from past trauma or hardships. Please see a mental health professional.

    Hesitant? Try this!

    Download our freebie to take the first step to reframing your inner stories so you can manage your money in alignment with who you truly are and what you truly want.


    How will we meet for the session?

    We will meet virtually using an encrypted meeting platform.

    When can I schedule a session?

    After purchase, you’ll be routed to our scheduling page to select your session time. If you can’t find a time that works best for you, contact us and we’ll meet during a time that aligns with your availability.

    Is the Money Mindset Transformation worth the investment?

    This is an education based session where you will learn and understand more about your monetary beliefs and adjust your spending habits accordingly. You will notice many of the underlying stories that affect your spending, impact other areas of your life. The session may be one time, but the mindset will be with you forever.

    How does the Money Mindset Transformation Session work?

    During your session, we will discuss your existing habits, identify your limiting beliefs, and develop a guide for how you can shift your mindset.

    Do you offer a payment plan?

    Payment plans are not usually offered for one-time services. But, contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

    How will I know what I need to prepare for the session?

    After scheduling your session, we’ll email you all of the instructions you’ll need to be fully prepared for your session.