At this point in your life, you want to:

  • Be debt-free
  • Be financially secure
  • Have a robust savings account
  • Have a thriving investment portfolio
  • Be able to retire comfortably

You’ve tried to improve but nothing sticks. You’re stuck and struggling to understand why things won’t change.

But if you…

  • Can’t stick to a budget
  • Struggle with staying on track
  • Have strong impulses to spend money
  • Aren’t sure how to get started

Lets work together to develop a new strategy for your money and your mind.

An enrichment experience for overspenders to  create a strong foundation for their money and their mind.




LIVE Instructor-led Q+A's

Working with Déja has made a difference in my life. This experience has forced me to be aware of my finances on an everyday basis instead of just every 2 weeks, every month, or just when bills are due. I’ve learned to be aware everyday with every decision.



    We’ll kick-off this course by getting acquainted! I’ll introduce myself, discuss an overview of the course, and share why this course exists.

    MODULE 1: Extract the source

    Sticking to a “budget” has simply created more problems for you than it has created solutions. It’s time you understand why it hasn’t worked. This module will add clarity for you around what actually will help you understand what’s required to combat overspending for good.

    MODULE 2: Control your money

    You get paid, take care of your necessities, but then money seems to grow it’s own feet and walk wherever it feels like it. It’s time you get in the driver’s seat! In this module, I’ll walk you through step-by-step on how to establish structure within your money so that you can transition from being controlled by your money to in control of your money!

    MODULE 3: Control your mind

    Overspending in the moment seems to happen so quickly. Sometimes, it’s only after the transaction that you even realize what just happened. This is where I give you actionable steps on how to improve your money mindset so that you can convert your limiting beliefs to lifting beliefs.

    I’ve been able to figure out the type of person I want to be. Recently, I made a list of all the qualities I want to see in myself and where I want to be. Surprisingly, debt-free actually wasn’t on the list, but what was on the list was financial freedom which to me means financial literacy which is an ongoing thing that will allow me to be smart about my financial decisions.

      Meet your instructor,


      Hey there, nice to meet you! If you’re considering this course, it’s because you’re dissatisfied with living in a way that doesn’t truly reflect what you want. Certainly, you’ve done well for yourself but there’s still something missing…there’s a part of you that doesn’t feel free.

      I’ve felt that way too, too many times and for way too long. For many years, I allowed other people’s opinions of me to shackle my own happiness and dim my light preventing me from recognizing how worthy I am. This was suffocating me and I couldn’t stay confined so…

      I shed that struggle, stepped into my power, and started living in my truth.

      I was tired of people pleasing out of fear that they wouldn’t think I’m worth it.

      I re-evaluated my beliefs and everything began to fall in place. I began attracting people, things, and opportunities that served me and helped me move toward my goals.

      Now, I want the same for you.

      Using my 15 years of money management experience and what I’ve learned throughout my self-esteem journey, I want to teach other accomplished women how to get uncomfortable with your limiting beliefs so you can make a lasting difference in your lives, achieve your goals, and aim even higher.

      I’m really excited to be on this journey with you, see you soon!




      Who is this course for?
      This course is for people who are ready to change their mindset about money.

      If you have disposable income that you’d like to use toward specific goals but can’t control how you’re spending it, then this course is for you!

      Can I get a refund if I don't align with this course?
      Yes! Email our team at info@dacandco.com during Module 1. Any content consumed after Module 1 will make you ineligible for a refund.